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The global movement "Maccabi" Founded in 1895 in Constantinople, Turkey (modern-day Istanbul) against a backdrop of anti-Semitism. A group of Jewish gymnasts who wanted to join the local sports club were rejected due to their Jewishness and then the same group decided to establish a Jewish sports club. The club It was a great success and was followed by the establishment of Jewish sports clubs throughout Europe, the most prominent of which were: "The Power of Vienna"; "Bar-Kochba Berlin"; "The Hero Prague" and more, in order to allow Jews to compete in sports competitions. From Europe, the movement expanded to Latin America, North America, Australia, DRAF and of course Israel.

The goals and objectives of Maccabi World Movement are to strengthen the Jewish people as a national body, while emphasizing Israel's centrality in the life of the Jewish people and strengthening the Jewish continuity of Israeli communities around the world. All this through extensive community activity in the fields of education, culture and sports.

The photos and information were collected with the help of the Maccabi World Movement



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